Fulfillment Programs

RADIUS takes a hands-on approach to designing and managing fulfillment programs. RADIUS understands that only through a true partnership with our customers can we best serve their product needs and distribution while keeping focused on the maintenance of brand standards. We take seriously our role as a guarantor of keeping to brand standards in all products produced. Our production team will work closely with you to assure we know and maintain these standards.

Our systems are designed to assist you in presenting your identity products in a manner that best displays options and gives the buyer the tools required for ease of use and dependable order fulfillment. Accurate, real time inventory gives your associates confidence that the product will be available when it is needed. The Ecommerce experience is designed for ease of purchasing and the collection of appropriate data for proper location based billing and activity tracking.
Radius can customize our activity reports to capture the information you need to make good purchasing decisions and assure availability yet avoid the excessive cost of dead inventory.

RADIUS has developed relationships with the best manufacturers in our industry and we back our products and services with a satisfaction guarantee.

Customer Service is a primary component of our Fulfillment System. We are configured to be responsive to your needs; Whether it be a rush shipment for a last minute event or finding solutions to quick-turn inventory needs.

The RADIUS facility is located in Kansas City, Missouri – the central point for nationwide shipping. Our capabilities encompass fulfillment and distribution services for business-to-business and business-to-customer, which includes order processing, inventory management, product assembly, logistics/transportation management and returns processing.